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Are you satisfied with your life or could it be improved?

It's not that easy to answer...

As a friend said, when he was divorced: He didn't really think it was possible to have so good time in a relation...

It is difficult to describe an experience, so others fully can imagine what it is like. On the other hand, of course, you are sometimes in situations where you feel like a fish in the water. If it's often that way during the day, you're probably doing well;-)

What then determines - what is good or bad?

It's about
matching... For example, does your job suit your personality (driving forces) and your core values? Do you have a good boss? Co-workers, who you enjoy being with? You are in a good culture? You have good friends and a good life partner?

How can we contribute to you having a good life?
Well, by taking our HumanGuide personality test. The personality is quite stable over time, so if you have a nuanced perception of your personality, you get several advantages. Through the increased awareness, it becomes easier

- to choose a good life partner, with whom you enjoy being together - for a long time!

- to choose a suitable job during your working life!

– to have appropriate strategies to interact with different people, because not everyone is like you;-)

Many people have taken personality tests. Even several. They may have gained some insights about themselves and others, but what do you do next? The knowledge that you get should become something that you use more or less daily. That is what our goal is: That you find your unique strengths and thus have a better life!

Why should you choose the HumanGuide personality test?

A strong reason is that the underlying theory consists of eight basic dimensions, so you can make sharper conclusions, when choosing a suitable job or life partner, for example;-) Several tests on the market, for example DISC, only have four basic dimensions. Or the tests, which are based on the Five Factor Model (Big five), have only five.

The tests, which are based on the Big five model, also have the disadvantage that they are not based on any theory. This means that with a test result you can only give information about how someone will probably act in a certain situation, but not why. We can, through the underlying theory.

The HumanGuide concepts also differ in other ways, for example because it is not just a test, but because there are many types of support, when applying what has emerged from the test results. For example, we have this web app, which we will soon describe more. There is also the web app, which you can read more about by going to that address and clicking on the same button you just did;-)

In 2003, we also published the book
Let the Personality Bloom, as a support for personal development based on HumanGuide.

The test is now available in 15 languages. It is most widely used in Brazil – over 500,000 tests have been taken since 2010. The test was approved there in 2009 by SATEPSI, as the first of its kind, i.e. forced-choice and internet-based.

The app is bilingual (Swedish and English), which you can set when you are logged in. The app has these basic functions

0-Personality Lexicon & Advice, i.e. here you can find knowledge about the personality theory Eight boxes, which is a simplified version of Leopold Szondi's (1893-1986) personality theory. In addition, there is advice, which is based on the theory, for example How can you give an unpleasant message to someone who has a lot of the factor Power?

1-My PersonProfile?, i.e. here you see your own PersonProfile, when you have taken the test. You can also "click" on your eight factors and see what it means in the same way as in our dictionary.

2-My Personal Chemistry with...? In other words, here you can connect your PersonProfile with others who have taken the test. You then get access to each other's profiles and can analyse your personal chemistry.

3-My PassionIndex? In other words, here you can calculate your PassionIndex, i.e. how well your own personality fits a certain job, or together with a certain person or a certain culture. It then assumes that you then make Job, Personal and Cultural Profiles to make such a calculation. The aim is to get a simple value with this index, so it is easier for you to choose between two jobs or...

How can you as an individual or leader benefit from these features? Here below you have some examples...

How you benefit from
0-Personality Lexicon & Advice
If you select this function, you will be met by a sub-menu, where you can find out more about each of the eight factors, namely

– what does the factor mean?

– how is the chemistry of the factor?

– how to deal with exaggeration with the factor?

– what does the factor contribute to, for example, in a team?

– how should you show that you like someone with a certain factor?

– how should one communicate with someone who has a high value on a factor?

If you are a leader, there are many more areas, e.g

– recruitment, e.g. requirement specification

– personal assessment

– team building

– better analyses from final interviews

– develop and nurture culture/brand in the company or organization

– perpetuate the desired culture/brand in the company or organization

How you benefit from
1-My PersonProfile?
Here you can see your PersonProfile and, just like in our dictionary, find out more about each factor.

You can benefit from this basic function when you must introduce yourself to a new person with whom you are to collaborate. You can even show the app to the others...

Sometimes you can do a spontaneous check, if you are suitable for this or that, for example if you are going to try a new hobby, which seems interesting. Or you think about the question: Why do I do that? Etc.

How you benefit from
2-My Personal chemistry with....?
It can be of great value to have access to the profiles of those who are important in your network, for example when someone does something unexpected, which you don't know how to handle. Via the app, you can then get useful ideas... In general, it makes it much easier to collaborate with those whose profiles you include here... You also make it easier to support their personal development...

If you are a leader, there are many more areas, e.g

– who is suitable for that task?

– why do X and Y find it difficult to cooperate?

– will the team be good, if X replaces Y or?

– onboarding and team building

– how should I coach X?

A family can of course be seen as a team, so our recommendation is that you should interest all family members in taking the test and then connect each other's profiles. When you are a parent, you should help your children make wise choices, for example so they learn about the PassionIndex and that it should be high to have a good life. More on that in the next section...

How you benefit from
3-My PassionIndex?
This feature can be world unique... Very useful, but when something is radically new there can be some resistance before you start regularly using the new way.

What is clear is someone is looking for a job or is not satisfied with their current one or receives an offer for a new job. In any case, it is a strategic decision. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for that decision to be regretted after a while. It is always difficult to realize all the consequences. The purpose of the function is to provide a significantly better basis for decision-making, so that a better risk analysis can be carried out.

What needs to be done is to assess the current job, key person e.g. manager and current culture. Hmmm. But what if I can't? The idea then is that there is always someone who knows well enough. You can then ask such a person to make the estimate, which takes about 15 min/profile. Then just click on such a profile to have the PassionIndex calculated. Of course, you must take the calculation result with a pinch of salt, but it will be a good basis for a more detailed analysis.

That app is a part of the HumanGuide Cards, where the other part is a deck of cards with the same test questions, as in the online personality test, but Cards have complementary purposes.

You can read more about the web app by going to that address and clicking on the same button, which you just did and got to see this text;-)

More information about the
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